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Our mission is to enrich the American food landscape with authentic Latin cuisine that is simple and traditional, and help provide fair access to nutritious food. We work to properly balance and portion meals and present them in a modern way while maintaining tradition and authentic tastes. 

We dedicate 5% of our profits to community projects that help provide fair access to food in areas with high wage disparity. We strive to provide a positive and inclusive, family atmosphere for both customers and employees to discover and enjoy our food and culture. 

PasiÓn y TradiciÓn


Food is how our family shows love and it's the most important ingredient in our cuisine. The idea that love can be shared through food is the root of our passion. Our cuisine is simple and traditional, based off of recipes that have been in our family for over 3 generations, and others that we have acquired though out our journeys.

We strive to maintain traditional Latin flavors, while developing and uplifting the culinary presentation of our dishes. Food brings us together, provides nutrition, and gives us a vehicle to share our passion. Let us share our passion with you.


Nuestro EQUIPO




Sebastian grew up between Medellin, Colombia and New York City. In Colombia, food would bring his family together, and from a young age, everyone was involved in the kitchen. Its how their time and love was shared. The plethora of exotic fruits and flavors in Colombia, paired with the culinary skills seen through internships in New York heavily influenced his culinary style. After graduating from the Wharton School of Business in 2010 he worked his way up the culinary ladder in NYC. He Co-Founded Brooklyn FoodWorks, a 10,000 sq ft. shared kitchen in 2015. In 2017 he stepped back to focus full time on Empanaderia. Sebastian is responsible for the operations, business development and culinary innovation at Empanaderia.



Adriana was born in Betania, a rural mountain town near Medellin, Colombia. Her culinary style was heavily influenced by traditional cooking techniques and skills passed down by her mother and father. She moved to the US when she was 18 and has worked in food service, hospitality and retail, where she was able to learn from experienced people in the industry. She is responsible for ensuring that our dishes continue to maintain traditional authenticity, and continue to make abuela proud.



Gabriela was born in Santiago, Chile, and immigrated to Miami, Florida when she was a teenager. With a passion for dance she pursued a career in the arts and graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2012 with a BFA in Stage Management. After that she moved to NYC where she’s worked with several theater houses and is currently the Production Manager for Signature Theater where she is responsible for the budgets and execution of their productions. With Empanaderia, she is responsible for administrative tasks, event scheduling and programming, as well as brand development and value added services.